About FATT Productions

Producing Films, Arts, Television and Theatre that reach an audience From Amsterdam To Tokyo.

FATT Productions is an international Film, Arts, Television and Theatre producer based in Amsterdam. The Core Business is producing Feature Films and TV Drama. Made with high quality and aiming for a large audience is one of the main goals. Like a popular Dutch saying, we aim for an audience “from here to Tokyo.”
Or as we like to say it: From Amsterdam To Tokyo.”


FATT Productions is not the first production company founded by Hans de Weers. Previous companies were Bergen and Egmond Film and Television that became later part of the Eyeworks group under the name Eyeworks Film and TV Drama. Quality and commercialism were the focus of these companies. The same applies to FATT Productions.


Hans de Weers has already produced many award winning films and television series, such as Antonia’s Line, Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Nynke, Dutch Cinema Award for Best Feature Film & Best Actress and Bluebird, a Crystal Bear in Berlin and Polleke, feature film and television series by Ineke Houtman with 8 international awards.


De Weers also coproduced miscellaneous international co-productions like Mindhunters, by Renny Harlin, starring Val Kilmer, LL Cool J, Patricia Velasquez and Christian Slater – shot in the Netherlands. Additionally the film Alexander, by Oliver Stone, starring Colin Farrell, Jared Leto & Angelina Jolie and The Letter for the King, feature film by Pieter Verhoeff, co-production with Heimat film, Mrs Dalloway by Marleen Gorris co-production with UK and US and many others.

Most recent films De Weers produced for Eyeworks Film & TV Drama include, The Marathon, feature film by Diederick Koopal and Jackie, by Antoinette Beumer, starring Carice and Jelka van Houten and Holly Hunter and Daylight, by Diederik van Rooijen based on the book with the same title by Marion Pauw. He also was consultant producer for The Dinner, by Menno Meyjes based on the bestseller by Herman Koch.


In the ‘Film Top 20 most Dutch admissions 2002-2011’ there are up to 6 feature films that Hans de Weers has produced. These are, Stricken, by Reinout Oerlemans, after the famous novel by Kluun, New Kids: Turbo, by Steffen Haars & Flip van der Kuil, Nova Zembla, Holland’s first 3-D feature film by Reinout Oerlemans, The Happy Housewife, by Antoinette Beumer, after the novel by Heleen van Royen, New Kids: Nitro, by Steffen Haars & Flip van der Kuil and Chubby Drums, by Arne Toonen. Most of these films were also sold internationally.


Besides feature films Hans de Weers also produced several very successful drama series. These include Sisters De Wit, 3 series, 37 episodes, for SBS television, sold to Belgium, France and Canada and the remake for Russia. Doctor Deen, Holland’s most successful TV Drama series in the last 10 years and several police series like, Van Speijk, Seinpost Den Haag and Cops Maastricht, more than 100 episodes by different directors such as Pollo de Pimentel, Pieter van Rijn, Vincent Schuurman, Martin Swab and others.


For FATT Productions several feature films are in development. These include Tokyo Trials, by Pieter Verhoeff, My Father’s Notebook, based on the novel by Kader Abdolah, Amsterdam, after the idea of Yim Brakel and Philip Besamusca, Patron a first ‘Dutch-Turkish’ Film Noir by Pollo de Pimentel, A as in Abel, written by Janneke van der Pal and based on the very popular children’s book by Annie M.G. Schmidt.